Plating Tank Agitation

Zinc plating

Some visuals of the plating tank in action.

Tank is a clear plastic file-folder container, holds about 3.5 gallons total (I use it at 3 gals). Wal-Mart for $5.50

Agitation is by Rio 600 aquarium pumps. These are fully submersible, using a magnetic impeller system, so there is NO exposed metal of any kind. Rated at 200 GPH free flow. Relatively cheap too(I paid either $9.95 or $14.95 each, can't remember now). I have used them in both the zinc electrolyte and anodizing acid. So far they're still working fine.

Videos are MPEG-4 in Quicktime movie wrappers.

A part in the zinc electrolyte, ready to start plating.

This part is 48 sq-in, plated at 4.5 Amps, for a current density of @ 94 mA/sq-in. The more area you plate, the more vigorous the fizzing becomes.

Videos show the fizzing after power is applied

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The same part, videos show how the agitation clears the fizzing away, and carries it off.

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The entire tank. Liquid agitation is evident. This tank could probably use 2 pumps

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